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Frankfurt - train ticketsIt is located on Main river at the foot of the Taunus mountain range, known as the biggest airports in Europe servicing around 40 million passages a year. The airport is a change for long run planes to America or Asia. The role of the airport is due to its location and you may tell that clearly from the map. The city is also important when it comes to financial and transport facilities. Just beside Munich it is considered one of the commercial capitals of Germany. But it does not stop there. Every year it hosts major cultural events such as Book Fairs that dates back to Gutenberg times! The most important one, however, is the museum festival hosted in August. Every year, it attracts 3 millions of tourists. It is worth to take a break and try the famous Frankfurter Würstchen (Frankfurt sausages).

The most popular attractions in Frankfurt:
  • The Bank District
  • Römerberg
  • St. Paul’s Church
  • The Fountain of Justice
  • St. Nicholas church
Railway stations in Frankfurt:

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