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Venice - train ticketsYou may come across many Vanices of the north but there is a genuine one and only in the south. The city, founded upon poles, is famous for its canal network winding among the historic buildings creating water streets. All the streets lead to the bay where St. Mark Square is located that together with the St. Mark Basilica and the the Doge’s Palace constitute the heart of Venice and the main tourist groups destination. The carnival masks, the inseparable city symbol, available at every Venice corner shop and the gondoliers who sing moody songs supporting the romantic moments for pairs commuting by gondola are the unique symbols of the city. There is also a budget way to do the sightseeing, you may do it by the water tram Vaporetto. Its first stop is at the railway station where the tourists are collected and goes as far as the St. Mark Square.

By train to Venice

To reach Venice you may travel by train with a change in Vienna. The trains run a few times a day and the modern comfortable services provide relax on the go. The Santa Luzia Stazione railway station is an ideal point to start the city tour. The tickets for the train online may be acquired through PolishTrains.

The most popular attractions in Venice:
  • The Grand Canal
  • St. Mark Basilica
  • San Marco Square
  • Rialto Bridge
  • The Bridge of Sighs
Railway stations in Venice:

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