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Przemysl - train ticketsPrzemyśl is one of the oldest and the most beautiful towns in Poland. It is situated at the foot of the Carpathian mountains on the River San in the eastern part of Poland. It boast itself with the reach number of monuments — over a thousand. Przemyśl is an important communication hub, as the grant border railway station is situated here — Przemyśl Główny. In Przemyśl there are several, beyond local importance, institutions situated here: Voivodeship Monument Conservator, Customs and Revenue Agency, State Archive or the Bieszczady Border Guard. There are two archdiocese, unique museums (Archdiocese Museum, the National Museum of the Przemyśl Region) and hosts many interesting cultural events, too. The vicinity of the former Polish Kresy makes the city has its own unique and quaint atmosphere that other places lack. Everyday, Przemyśl gain more and more on its attraction becoming the major centre of Podkarpacie. The Bieszczady mountains, the Easter Carpathian mountains or Lviv vicinity are the voices for worth visiting the town situated in the eastern part of Poland.

Trains to Przemysl

The Przemyśl railway station is one of the representative stations. It service both local and regional connections as well as international ones, Przemyśl-Kiev, for example. The train tickets are available at PolishTrains.eu

The most popular attractions in Przemysl:
  • Kazimierzowski Castle
  • Przemyśl Market
  • Clock Tower
  • Pipes and Bells Museum
  • Przemyśl Cathedral
  • The Lubomirski Palace
  • Zasańska Synagogue
  • Przemyśl New Synagogue
  • Przemyśl Fortress
Railway stations in Przemysl:

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